“Happy, happy fashion - there is not much more to it than that,” 
-Marc Jacobs
The greatest thing about stripes is that its wearable no matter what your body shape is, whether it be curvy, pear-shaped or petite. They also come in different widths, lengths and colours, but as with every fashion choice one design might not go as well with another. The student on the left hand side wears a mocha sweater printed with horizontal black stripes (Yes, horizontal and vertical can make a difference). She dresses safe as she pairs the sweater with black jeans and black leather boots and accessories with  a gold necklace and faded sunglasses. Stripes will forever be a trend, (supported by the reasons listed above) alongside with the idea that fashion repeats itself. On the right hand side, you can see a piece exhibited by a model from the Marc of Marc Jacob 2011 Spring collection. She is wearing a blouse of thicker stripes and darker colours indigo and lilac, fastened with bold, gold buttons with frills on the edge. She wears this with denim jeans with gold zips, a black handbag with gold buckles and, yep you guessed it, black loafers with a gold pattern. Although this was showcased for the spring 2011 collection, the colours used seem more suitable for the winter period rather than summer, the same goes for the student regardless of the nude mocha colour, any colour placed with black, a neutral pigment will go with anything.