Paris was lucky enough to view a sexy catwalk collection by Alexander McQueen. The clothing theme appeared to be focused on bees, judging by the repetition of hexagon holes, masked veils and honey-inspired colours. But what makes it sexy, you ask? Try Looking at the curvy dresses adding emphasis to the models body or the cutaway peplum blouses which displays the right amount of cleavage. I guess what McQueen is trying to say is that the trend forecast for spring next year are peplums, corsets, cutaways, belts and sheer material. They could also be starting a trend on veils, I mean we wear them at weddings and funerals, why shouldn't it be considered a new trend? It also appears that honey colours like golds, browns and yellows are set for spring 2013 with a bit of black, red , green and white placed here or there.To conclude I wasn't a huge fan of McQueen's past collections but the flirty attire, floral arrangements and ballgowns have swept me off my feet. I'm definitely BEE-hind this one!
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