"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."

-Gianni Versace 
London Fashion Weekend was simply amazing!! Held at Somerset house; The designer rooms, Beauty Regimes and catwalk runways was every fashionistas dream, not to talk of the free massages, free Kinder Buenos and the free studio photograph taken from a professional photographer! This is the perfect Londoner's weekend. I went on the first day of the "Weekend" (Thursday) and it was beautiful, collections included famous designers like Chloe to Galiano to Radley and Gandys. Last, but not least there's the catwalk... OUTSTANDING! Famous Presenter Rachel Zoe hosted the catwalk which had the summer/spring 2013 collection in mind, the designs were gorgeous, each collection had a theme ; Oriental, which consisted of floral patterns, silk organza, it had a geisha type of affect. They also had an urban Londoner collection, funny enough Boris Johnson's Barclays bike was on the runway! But my favorite collection was simply called "Doll House", the designs were very quirky, playful and very feminine but still quite edgy and that is the type of style that I usually go for. Luckily for those who didn't get a chance to go, you can view the "Doll House" collection from the YouTube upload above. Hope this gives you some inspiration towards spring and summer this year.It may be cold, but spring is just around the corner! 

YouTube Video was filmed by me ;)
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

- Yves Saint-Laurent 
Before its departure Winter decided to leave us with one last fashion style: Layers! We were brought up to think that overloading clothes was bad for our silhouette, but as long as you pick the right colours and fabrics, you'll be able to pull off one of the toughest trends of all. You will find Anne Valerie Hash used this look in her Pre-Fall 2013 collection, the models were seen wearing velvet, lace and leather fabric and dark colours such as Navy, black and green dominated the collection, and were of course the clothing was layered over each other. I found a Londoner who wore this trend fantastically. Again her colour palette was simple ; Black, grey and brown. She also decided to mix it up adding a denim jacket, to make the look more casual. 

Image on left hand side belongs to me
Image on right hand side belongs to Style.com
"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"
-Rachel Zoe
A lot of decades have been used to influence the fashion world, lately for women its currently all about the 70's, but on the other side of the world its the 90's. Yes the over-sized, grungy attire was exhibited by Etro for the 2013 Fall collection. But what Etro doesn't realise is that their 90's look is already trending, this guy on the left hand side is one step ahead of Etro , what with the brown long coat lined with an ethnic pattern and grey fur, it seems as if the 90's is slowly regaining its trending crown. Both males appear wearing shoes of similar colour (A dark brown) and underneath coats wears jumper to match the coat. A fascinating  warm look and/or trend for the winter. 
Image on left-hand corner belongs to me, I own the image.
 Image on right-hand corner belongs to Style.com
“Happy, happy fashion - there is not much more to it than that,” 
-Marc Jacobs
The greatest thing about stripes is that its wearable no matter what your body shape is, whether it be curvy, pear-shaped or petite. They also come in different widths, lengths and colours, but as with every fashion choice one design might not go as well with another. The student on the left hand side wears a mocha sweater printed with horizontal black stripes (Yes, horizontal and vertical can make a difference). She dresses safe as she pairs the sweater with black jeans and black leather boots and accessories with  a gold necklace and faded sunglasses. Stripes will forever be a trend, (supported by the reasons listed above) alongside with the idea that fashion repeats itself. On the right hand side, you can see a piece exhibited by a model from the Marc of Marc Jacob 2011 Spring collection. She is wearing a blouse of thicker stripes and darker colours indigo and lilac, fastened with bold, gold buttons with frills on the edge. She wears this with denim jeans with gold zips, a black handbag with gold buckles and, yep you guessed it, black loafers with a gold pattern. Although this was showcased for the spring 2011 collection, the colours used seem more suitable for the winter period rather than summer, the same goes for the student regardless of the nude mocha colour, any colour placed with black, a neutral pigment will go with anything.
The girl on the left has a vivid sense of style. She is wild! In a good way, this outfit has the right combination of leopard print and animal print (When I say "animal", I meant the horses). The leopard print will and forever be a popular trend, people say its tacky but it solely depends on how you wear it. This was appropriately portrayed by Isaac Mizrahi in his pre-fall 2009 collection. I feel that this trend will dominate winter sales, it certainly has done so for the fashion world. 
ASOS Black is now associated with designer Markus Lupfer, just in time for the bitter winds and long nights. The pieces produced are perfect for this season, and with the leather jackets and skater skirts. I ask myself "what teenage tearaway or feisty feline wouldn't claw their way to grab the sexy attire whilst they can?".The clothes would be great for those who wish to achieve that tomboy look with bits of femininity and sophestication here and there. Lucky for us the collection is launched this week. If you're a fashion fanatic, you'd best get there before I do!

Yesterday, I went to the London College Of Fashion! See, I'm a CAPS student which means I'm a part of their enrolling scheme. I loved every second of every seminar, which made me excited about attending their institution. Anyway, when the seminars were over, I left and found an exhibition, but not just any exhibition, an eye wear exhibition!! These eye wear pieces are extraordinary to the core, the students who created them are very, very talented and open-minded when it comes to creativity. I mean, there's even a pair of eye wear influenced under Lego blocks! Each pair has a story behind them both visual and intellectual, but they all served their purpose, when it comes to fashion and art.Some are wearable and some are made for display only. I applaud them (and when I say 'them', I mean the students) and commend their expertise.  :)

Chanel has spent many years (and money) making a name for themselves and I think it's safe to say they've done themselves and coco herself proud. But now with the help of Karl Lagerfield & Carine Roitfiels, they have produced a visual exhibition of thier pieces appropriately named The Little Black Jacket : Chanel's Classic Revisited, which is modelled by the famous (and infamous). These fashion photos have been displayed from New York to Hong Kong and are going to be published here in London on October 12. The exhibition will be held at the Saatchi Gallery and will end on October 28. I know tight schedule, so If I were you, I get down there the second the door opens.
Visit the website for more info
One of the upcoming trends for Autumn/Winter 2012 is military and I am a huge fan of this trend. Not only does this trend link to winter what with the leather boots and trench coats. The colours and the materials are my comfort zones when it comes to dressing up. This trend is both practical and fashionable, mostly because the attire is slimming and keeps you warm. Victoria Beckham catches this military imagery and portrays it in her Fall 2012 collection vividly. The dark autumn colours of browns, beige's reds and indigo's are shown in trench coats, over-sized bags and cut out dresses, with vertical black strips. Models wore the dresses with the black leather boots and their hair simply styled as straight and sleek, for an added touch sophistication. I have a feeling that this collection will influence the high street stores when it comes to design and material and that this trend will be popular this season.  
It's September and that can only mean one thing...Back To School! Yes the academic year is among us and keeping in trend is hard enough, with the British weather playing tricks on us. Is it still summer or is autumn fast approaching?  But never fear as the following students take control with these fashionable combinations.
Here, we have a student who's attire is influenced by the Gothic trend. Which of course is the current trend for Autumn/Winter 2012. The Mickey Mouse design was (During the summer/Spring 2012) and still is a popular trend. She does a good job of maintaining consistency of the colour black, which is a very slimming colour and explains why the "LBD" (Little Black Dress) is a hit. The snake- print leather belt is a reminder of how much we love animal prints. Her shoes add variety when it comes to colour as the creamy-brown sneakers gives her outfit a boyish charm. However adding simplistic jewellery like the silver bracelet, ring and necklace adds a feminine touch.
This student has got the leather trend hooked! Again black is the chosen colour for this outfit , which catches a passers by attention. The grey top and grey jeans adds variation to the outfit and is a colour that well present itself this autumn/winter 2012. Graciously finished with a vintage touch, mickey mouse pops up again in this piece in the form of a comic strip bag and last but not least a pair of plum converses which creates a comfortable clash.
This student is wearing an indigo lace top with a floral design, thus combining two of the latest designs features in catwalks. Which is found in Elie Saab's and Valentino's Fall 2012 couture line; Lace, dark colours and floral patterns. This piece is casually completed with denim jeans to go with the indigo top and handsomely clashed with a subtle cream shoulder bag and black sneakers.
An outfit doesn't look as good if your not comfortable, which is more than I can say for this student. She wears a a grey jumper with black freckled detail, which makes the design look less dull. Kinda similar to the dress design from Chanel's Fall 2012 couture line.But knit wear is one of the many looks for this autumn, she continues to take advantage of this trend by adding a black crochet knitted skirt produces a compromise to the clothing. Finally finishing it off military style with black lace-up leather boots and khaki shoulder bag.
Again black is a reoccurring colour in this entry but simple seems to come in handy when it comes to dressing yourself. Block colours which was a wholesome trend during this summer is still crawling its way back into autumn. Red and black was a duo that influenced Ulyana Sergeenko's Fall 2012 couture line, seems to be the best way to go this season. Both sexy but very sophisticated. Our student displays a black long-sleeve shirt , fastened with gold buttons accompanied with red jeans fastened with a black belt. Then of course concludes with black shoes with laces and silver studs and a black leather backpack.
Geek is the new chic! This statement is furthermore supported by this student and makes going back to school more fashionable. We start with a white collar accessorized with a gold chain, which creates a geeky look. Then composed with a mint green sweater for the main body and clashed with grey stonewashed jeggings. Finally completed with (A much favored trend for this academic term ) black hi tops and a floral print bag.