Whether its because of her alter ego "Carrie Bradshaw" or her great sense of style, we feel that Sarah Jessica Parker has had some amazing outfits (and not so amazing). 
But tonight she gains brownie points for an amazing outfit, the 'Sex And The City' actress was caught last night wearing a little black Jumpsuit, not dress, jumpsuit. Parker attended an amfAR inspiration gala, to support her agent of 26 years, Kevin Huvane. She was joined alongside Chelsea Handler, Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, Octavia Spencer and Rumer Willis.  However the trendsetter wasn't aware of the dress code which was 'Black Tie and Sportswear'. fortunately for Parker, a fairy-god mother had placed something at the back of her wardrobe. SJP revealed the following "I styled myself...This is an old Chanel jumpsuit, its like 15 years old, that I've had in my closet." Not a lot of women are brave enough to pull off a certain look, but fashionista SJP wore that outfit exceedingly well. A 15 year old Chanel jumpsuit accessorized with a leather jacket, at triangular statement necklace and Manolo Blahnik shoes. The night ended perfectly for Sarah when she handed Huvane with a 'Piaget's Award Of Inspiration' due to his charitable actions to help those who suffer with AIDS. 

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For the past few months H&M have provided us with a sportswear collection, Autumn wear modelled by Lana Del Ray and a accessories collection designed by Anna Dello Russo. This year may be thiers, when it comes to high street fashion. But just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does, as Belgium born designer Maison Martin Margiela creates a autumn/winter collection for the high street store. The talk of partnership between he and H&M was held earlier this week, however the photographs of the collection would not be published until October 24th.
Ah but while we wait H&M tease us with Ad campaign shots from Margiela's clothing range below.
As her first two perfumes "Rebelle" and "Reb'l Fleur" were a success, so it was expected of Rihanna to launch her third perfume, appropriately named "Nude". The design seems to go with the name as its displayed as a clear bottle drizzled with a creamy-peachy colour. Kinda similar to her previous perfumes Design. The Barbados star tweeted the photographic ad earlier on today. The image showed Rihanna wearing a creamy coloured bra whilst shielding herself with a sheer nude blanket, also showing off her blonde tresses. I like her classy style!
Paris was lucky enough to view a sexy catwalk collection by Alexander McQueen. The clothing theme appeared to be focused on bees, judging by the repetition of hexagon holes, masked veils and honey-inspired colours. But what makes it sexy, you ask? Try Looking at the curvy dresses adding emphasis to the models body or the cutaway peplum blouses which displays the right amount of cleavage. I guess what McQueen is trying to say is that the trend forecast for spring next year are peplums, corsets, cutaways, belts and sheer material. They could also be starting a trend on veils, I mean we wear them at weddings and funerals, why shouldn't it be considered a new trend? It also appears that honey colours like golds, browns and yellows are set for spring 2013 with a bit of black, red , green and white placed here or there.To conclude I wasn't a huge fan of McQueen's past collections but the flirty attire, floral arrangements and ballgowns have swept me off my feet. I'm definitely BEE-hind this one!
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Yesterday, I went to the London College Of Fashion! See, I'm a CAPS student which means I'm a part of their enrolling scheme. I loved every second of every seminar, which made me excited about attending their institution. Anyway, when the seminars were over, I left and found an exhibition, but not just any exhibition, an eye wear exhibition!! These eye wear pieces are extraordinary to the core, the students who created them are very, very talented and open-minded when it comes to creativity. I mean, there's even a pair of eye wear influenced under Lego blocks! Each pair has a story behind them both visual and intellectual, but they all served their purpose, when it comes to fashion and art.Some are wearable and some are made for display only. I applaud them (and when I say 'them', I mean the students) and commend their expertise.  :)

What makes these jumpers perfect, is that they make fashion seem less like work and more like fun.This is portrayed through the peculiar patterns, prints and images. They'll keep you warm this autumn and will achieve that eccentric, playful style. I might suggest some dark warm colours, like browns, greys, greens and blues. You could also pair them with skinny jeans or wear a dress underneath. The pattern is up to you!
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