"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

- Yves Saint-Laurent 
Before its departure Winter decided to leave us with one last fashion style: Layers! We were brought up to think that overloading clothes was bad for our silhouette, but as long as you pick the right colours and fabrics, you'll be able to pull off one of the toughest trends of all. You will find Anne Valerie Hash used this look in her Pre-Fall 2013 collection, the models were seen wearing velvet, lace and leather fabric and dark colours such as Navy, black and green dominated the collection, and were of course the clothing was layered over each other. I found a Londoner who wore this trend fantastically. Again her colour palette was simple ; Black, grey and brown. She also decided to mix it up adding a denim jacket, to make the look more casual. 

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"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"
-Rachel Zoe
A lot of decades have been used to influence the fashion world, lately for women its currently all about the 70's, but on the other side of the world its the 90's. Yes the over-sized, grungy attire was exhibited by Etro for the 2013 Fall collection. But what Etro doesn't realise is that their 90's look is already trending, this guy on the left hand side is one step ahead of Etro , what with the brown long coat lined with an ethnic pattern and grey fur, it seems as if the 90's is slowly regaining its trending crown. Both males appear wearing shoes of similar colour (A dark brown) and underneath coats wears jumper to match the coat. A fascinating  warm look and/or trend for the winter. 
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